Guldmann Safety Harness

The Guldmann Safety Harness Mobility System is a high tech product manufactured in Denmark that allows patients to walk safely by being suspended from the ceiling while wearing a harness. Repsher and Associates Physical Therapy has been a leader in the Capital District working with balance impaired patients using this system. The essence of the System is the continuously charged motorized lift that connects to a harness that the patient wears while walking and performing weight bearing balance exercises. Patients cannot fall while wearing the harness. This gives them increased confidence to try more advanced exercises that they would not have attempted while not wearing the harness. The overhead rail system allows access for patients to use a dedicated treadmill, the gym floor, or our Biodex Balance System while enjoying the safety of the harness. When using the gym floor patients can safely negotiate hurdles, balance on one leg, stand on foam pads and practice various exercises while viewing themselves in mirrors on both sides. One of our therapists worked with a de-conditioned balance impaired patient who was using a wheelchair return to independent stair climbing in a matter of three weeks. While not all of our results with patients are as dramatic the Balance System has given our office a great tool to help these patients. Another benefit is that our physical therapists can safely manage a much larger patient than themselves by using the controller that activates the motorized lift in minute increments helping to lift the patient from the sitting position. The support from the motor can also reduce weight bearing on healing joints while standing and walking. The motor receives a continuously supplied small current to keep it charged through the rail system. Most any patient who has either fallen or has a fear of falling can benefit from using the system.