Inertial Exercise Trainer for Sports Specific Rehabilitation


The Impulse Inertial Exercise Trainer plays an important role at Repsher and Associates PT in helping patients regain their prior level of sport specific coordination, power and endurance. The inertial exercise trainer utilizes the inertia of decreasing weight on a low friction sled from 17.5 pounds to 0 pounds. This allows the recovering athlete to move at increasing speeds as the weight is reduced on the sled. This is not possible using weights which work against gravity. A weight loaded system can only move at a slow speed to avoid acceleration of the weight away from the body. Another advantage of the inertial trainer is that the exercise can be multidirectional. The  multilevel cord allows attachment of the resistance to various body parts or objects to hold such as a baseball or golf club handle. This allows for sport specific rehabilitation at the speeds that occur during sport. Various body positions such as standing on one foot during the exercise stimulates the trunk muscles to increase core strength at the same time. The trainer employees alternately concentric (shortening) and eccentric (lengthening) exercise. As the athlete learns to train the sport specific movement at higher speeds coordination, power and endurance are greatly enhanced. Professional athletes such as Curt Schilling of the Philadelphia Phillies and Boston Red Socks and professional golfer Vijay Singh have benefitted from rehabilitation and sport specific training using the inertial trainer. We have found that all of our patients can receive the same benefit from using the inertial trainer. If you have suffered an athletic injury or just want to learn sport specific exercises to improve your game give our office a call to set up an appointment with one of our physical therapists who are experts in human motion and exercise.