"Dear John, 

After undergoing physical therapy with you [John Repsher, PT, ATC] and Steven Cornell for the past seven weeks, I am very impressed with the therapy that I have received and with the progress that I have made toward resuming normal daily activity.  I came to you 12 weeks after surgery to correct a collapsed right foot.  The surgery was extensive, involving removal of the posterior tibial tendon, transfer of flexor digitorum longus, lengthening of the achilles tendon and the insertion to one bone graft and two metal plates into the foot.  The foot was very stiff when I first arrived but now is, thanks to your therapy, pliable enough to walk normally and is virtually pain free.  There is much to like about your treatment, your practice and your facility.  Both you and and Steve are always willing to answer my questions and are able to explain the changes are taking place in my foot in a manner that I can understand.  Your office staff are polite, both in person and on the phone, and are very efficient when scheduling appointments.  The fact that they personally inform therapists when a patient has arrived not on insures privacy, but keeps waiting to a minimum and the office quiet.  Your facility is clean and all of the equipment that I used works properly.  I greatly appreciate the fact that there are no televisions blaring pop culture programs in your facility, further insuring a pleasingly quiet environment.  In essence, I could not be more satisfied with both your therapy and your operation and highly recommend you to anyone needing any type of physical therapy."

- Dave Kibbe, Albany NY

"I was very impressed when I first walked into Repsher & Associates with the front end staff and facilities. I am continually impressed with the attention and progressive therapy I continue to receive. My progress has been faster and better then expected. I particularly have to thank Corey K. and Brian A., but everyone has been great. As a primary care physician that has referred patients to physical therapy I have had experience with many offices and I have heard different things from patients. What I have noticed during my therapy sessions is that no matter who walks in the door they all receive the same level of attention and outstanding care. The patients are making real progress from day to day and week to week."

- Manish Saha M.D.